Remembering a beautiful smile

August 20, 2014 Posted by admin

BarbaraThis is Barbara, a DDS patient whose brilliant smile conceals the harsh reality of her medical condition.

Barbara has a brain tumor and cervical and neck fusions, along with other medical conditions, that leave her in unremitting, debilitating pain. Housebound, Barbara is often bedridden for weeks at a time. A “good” day is one where she can get herself out of bed.

On one such good day, her caregiver braided her hair, and she put on makeup and a lovely dress to pose for this picture.

Barbara is determined not to let her disability define who she is. Her willpower shines through her beautiful blue eyes and dazzling new smile.

She is extremely grateful for the Donated Dental Services program. Before DDS, her mouth was full of abscesses and broken pieces of disintegrating teeth, the result of powerful medications and radiation treatments. Her dental care was often interrupted by medical crises such as a broken neck.

But Barbara’s dentists and lab accommodated her every need and saw the case through to completion. She received a full-mouth extraction and full upper and lower dentures. Now Barbara can chew and eat the healthy foods that contribute to her overall improved wellbeing.

Barbara passed away in July 2014.

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