A New Outlook on Life

September 4, 2014 Posted by admin

HansenKatherine could barely walk a few steps without feeling extremely tired. Struggling with COPD and emphysema, she needed oxygen to survive.

“It was so hard to breathe and I was wasting away,” she said.

The good news: Katherine was accepted into the Johns Hopkins Hospital Lung Transplant Program.

Before she could receive a life-saving double lung transplant, she needed extensive dental treatment to minimize the risk of medical complication.

Disabled with very low income, Katherine had no savings or insurance to pay for dental care.

MFDH’s Donated Dental Services restored Katherine’s dental health. Dr. Chun performed the initial exam and designed her dentures, and Dr. Kroe performed the extractions.

“I feel like a whole new person,” Katherine said of her life today.

As Katherine was recovering from her lung transplant, her husband, Bryant, also disabled with very low income, was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer, and needed surgery and chemotherapy. He also needed dental treatment.

“My few teeth – or I should say lack of them, as most had fallen out in the last few years – were sore and made it hard to eat much but soft foods,” he said.

Donated Dental Services, along with Myers Family Dentistry, donated dentures so that Bryant could eat the healthy foods he needed to fight off the destructive effects of chemotherapy and cancer.

“Without the services provided by the dentists who give their time through Donated Dental Services, it is possible that my wife and I would not be around to praise this service,” Bryant said. “It has changed both our lives and we have a refreshing new outlook on our lives going forward. Thank you so very much.”

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