“It was like winning the lottery”

October 3, 2014 Posted by admin

For disabled adults who cannot afford dental care, living without it often means pain, loss of teeth, and even health problems.

“My few teeth – or I should say lack of them, as most had fallen out – were sore and made it hard to eat,” said Bryant.

“All my front teeth were coming loose,” said Mike.

Kathy was so ashamed of her teeth, she stopped going to family events. “I rarely left the house,” she said.

Chemotherapy had rotted Debbie’s teeth, and her dental infections were traveling to her heart valve. She was afraid that her appearance would frighten her two-year-old grandson.

Access to dental care is the basis for Donated Dental Services. Through a network of more than 500 volunteer dentists, DDS provides dental care at no cost to disabled adults whose lives are shaped by chronic illness and low income.

People who experience DDS tell of a renewed appreciation for good oral health. They are able to chew and eat the foods that they need to stay healthy. And they feel better about themselves.

“Thank you for accepting my mother into the DDS program. My mother has better dental health – and a beautiful smile!” said Shantelle.

“I’m learning how to eat all over again,” said Linda.

“Having always been ashamed of my teeth, your work will affect me psychologically and socially,” said Kathleen.

“I received the best dental services in my entire life,” said Patricia.

“It was like winning the lottery,” said Michael.

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