Changing Lives through Rotary Smiles

October 23, 2014 Posted by admin

The Rotary Club of Frederick has teamed with MFDH to create Rotary Smiles, an initiative to address urgent dental needs in Frederick County, Maryland.

There are few places in Frederick where needy residents can receive discounted or free dental care. Many residents who do not have dental insurance or adequate income often end up in hospital emergency rooms.

RR Club of Frederick3The Rotary Club of Frederick is working to improve the lives of Frederick residents.

RCF strongly believes that good oral health helps create healthy lifestyles. It wants to change local lives through Rotary Smiles.

Through generous grants from the Rotary Club of Frederick, Donated Dental Services is providing dental care at no cost to Frederick adults who are disabled by injury or illness, verifiably unable to pay for dental care, and in need of substantial dental treatment. Residents are treated in private dental practices in Frederick County.

Since Rotary Smiles began in 2013, RCF’s efforts have provided over $159,000 of free dental care to needy Frederick citizens.

“It’s been a great pairing of the Rotary Club and Donated Dental Services,” said Lilian Marsh, MFDH Executive Director. “Together we’ve had a life-altering impact on the people we have served. We can accomplish much when we use our hearts to see the suffering of others.”

Visit to learn more about Rotary Smiles.

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