A Rewarding Experience!

Please Join Us in a Rewarding Experience!

~ Giving the Gift of needed dentistry to the handicapped!

Make a difference by becoming a Volunteer! 

  • Patients are pre-screened by DDS program coordinators
  • Upon receipt of referral, you decide if you would like to treat this patient
  • You determine how many patients you will treat in a year
  • Treatment is provided in your office
  • Reliable DDS coordinators make the process easy for you
  • All laboratory fees are donated by area laboratories or paid by the Foundation
  • Specialist referrals are available upon request
  • You will be recognized in a MSDA newsletter
  • You will receive a certificate of participation  

The Most Gratifying Aspect of Participating

Dr. Arthur Fridley

We’ve all been given the privilege to practice Dentistry and part of that gift I believe is giving back to our communities. Being a Donated Dental Service (DDS) volunteer has given me the opportunity to help people, but more importantly it has enriched my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I encourage everyone to partake in the privilege to be enriched and sign up to be a DDS Volunteer.  

Dr. Stephen Friedman

How gratifying it was when she saw her teeth and started to cry, and gave us all hugs.

Dr. Robert Maupin

When the patient flashes his/her smile! To see the joy and excitement on their faces.

Dr. Gordon Shelton

When he put in his new teeth and I gave him a venison steak to try them out on!

Dr. Eric Morrison

The opportunity to help someone who might not otherwise have been able to afford the proper care that was needed.